Can plants help us avoid a climate catastrophe?

May 9, 2019

Read David Beerling’s blog, with Oxford University Press, on why we actually have to start removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, safely and affordably, within the next 20 years. Drastic phase-down of our carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels will be insufficient to avoid catastrophic human-caused climate change. Enter, the kingdom of plants…
Hundreds of millions of years ago, plants bioengineered a cooler climate as the spread of forests lowered atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. We now think it may be possible to mimic those processes to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere…

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How ‘enhanced weathering’ could slow climate change and boost crop yields

Feb 20, 2018

Guest post by Prof David Beerling and Prof Stephen Long to coincide with the Nature Plants paper ‘Farming with crops and rocks to address global climate, food and soil security’, published 19 February 2018. The paper tackles the under-discussed technique of CO2 removal called “enhanced rock weathering” and highlights the potential wider benefits for crop yields and soil health, and sets out a research agenda for the next steps.

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Rock, paper, mini-series

Apr 5, 2017

Biology Letters has just published a mini-series on “Enhanced rock weathering: biological climate change mitigation with co-benefits for food security”. To coincide with publication, we asked Guest Editor, Professor David J. Beerling FRS, why he commissioned this series and what the research can tell us about the future.

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