Dr. T.E. Anne Cotton

University of Sheffield

Research Theme(s)

Anne Cotton is a microbial ecologist, particularly interested in plant-microbe interactions and the development and use of cutting edge molecular methods to study them.

She first began her research in this area during her undergraduate project at the University of Oxford (2003-2006), looking at the effects of air pollution on phylloplane (leaf associated) fungal communities. This led to a PhD at the University of York (2006-2010) examining the effects of atmospheric change on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities of soybeans.

This was followed by postdoctoral positions investigating the importance of microbes in ocean acidification (2011-2012, University of Hull), plant biodiversity-productivity relationships (2012, Wageningen University, The Netherlands) and coastal ecosystem services (2013-2014, University of Essex).

She came to the University of Sheffield in 2014 to work for Jurriaan Ton, Duncan Cameron and Steve Rolfe to examine the interactions between maize root exudates and rhizosphere micro-organisms.

Her work within the Leverhulme Centre of Climate Change Mitigation will focus on the interactions among enhanced weathering and plant microbiomes, genetics and immunity.