Dr. Lyla Taylor

University of Sheffield

Research Theme(s)

Joining the LC3M on 1 March 2018, Dr. Taylor specialises in process-based modelling of plant-mineral interactions at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. A background in geology, botany and programming in the fields of astronomy and geophysics led to her cross-disciplinary PhD on the effect of Mesozoic and Cenozoic trees and mycorrhizal fungi on weathering and long-term global carbon cycling.  Since her PhD, she has worked on both Cenozoic and modern-day global and watershed-scale weathering and carbon cycling as well as vegetation and Earth System modelling.

In the context of the LC3M, she is responsible for developing a new process-based geochemical soil and weathering model, realistically representing cropland processes and integrated with the atmospheric, terrestrial and carbon-capture modelling efforts of her colleagues.  She will design in silico experiments investigating the range of possible effects of rock dust treatments on soil chemistry and weathering regimes and resulting CO2 and trace gas fluxes (with a focus on NO2 and N2O). She will also take responsibility for development of the in silico linkages between these changes in land surface greenhouse gas fluxes to feedbacks on climate and crop performance within an Earth Systems modelling framework.