Research Associates

Dr. Peter Wade

University of Sheffield

Research Theme(s)

Dr Peter Wade’s research interests lie in understanding and predicting the formation, transport and fate of chemicals in complex environments.

Peter completed his PhD at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, studying the synthesis and metal-binding characteristics of complex organic molecules. Applications ranged from metal detoxification in biological plasma to retardation of transport of metals in soils.

He completed a post-doc at Purdue University in Indiana, USA, in computational studies of transport of organic molecules bearing radionuclides across the blood-brain barrier. The application was in the field of nuclear medicine, producing imaging agents to reveal the position and structure of brain tumours.

Peter since variously worked in the private sector and at the South African parastatal scientific research institutions, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and the Council for Geoscience, using computational methods to predict and manage the fate and effects of toxic chemicals in environmental systems.

Applications ranged from identifying and abatement of the effects of acid mine drainage and fugitive release of contaminants of industrial origin, to providing specialist advice to the government Department of Water Affairs on implementation of the revised Water Act.

Peter’s work with LC3M involved the use of geochemical computational methods to understand and manipulate the effects of enhanced weathering of minerals in soils, with the aim of providing sustainable solutions for removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.