Externally Funded Research

We are expanding our enhanced weathering research with large-scale UK field trials, public engagement and knowledge transfer and building links with other carbon sequestration programmes, as listed here.

Professor David Beerling is a scientific advisor to both The Carbon Community and The Future Forest Company:

The Carbon Community is a new charity whose mission is to create forests and accelerate carbon removal, with breakthrough science. Their large-scale field trial aims to uncover a new reforestation approach, rooted in science, to increase carbon sequestration in trees & soil.


The Future Forest Company has acquired Glenaros, Isle of Mull, an 805-hectare site, which is being reforested for carbon sequestration and is designing new large-scale trials investigating co-deployment of enhanced rock weathering (ERW), biochar and reforestation.



LC3M Research Associate, Dr. Maria Val Martin, has been awarded a Future Leaders Fellowship by the funding body UK Research and Innovation (UKRI); a prestigious funding scheme that aims to develop a strong supply of talented individuals to boost research and innovation across the UK.

This funding will launch the first UK integrated study into the environmental risks associated with large-scale deployment of land-based strategies to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.


Greenhouse gas removal with UK agriculture via enhanced rock weathering

In 2021, Professor Beerling and LC3M Co-Is were awarded a new £4.7M UK collaborative Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrator grant funded through UKRI and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The Demonstrator builds on the success and leading reputations of LC3M researchers and aims to assist the UK Government in getting to Net Zero by 2050. It marks a major expansion of our programme and involves our social scientists, earth system modellers and geochemists.

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